Radio Redux - The Wrecks Factor

The Wrecks Factor is the now annual end of season competition that pits Sonic Fan against Sonic Fan in a battle to see who can sing the best - its become quite the institution!

The rules are fairly simple, we want you to produce a version of an existing Sonic OR SEGA song, bonus points are given for creative variation - be it sung in another language, in a duet or in some way different to its main competition has now split into two with the "known" faces of the Community and previous winners forming the "All-Stars" group and the second group forming the "All-Commers" group. There is a penalty for coming last in the all-stars category however... you must produce another song of AAUK's choosing - traditionally the DK Rap, but it could be anything - the worst he can think of!!!

We're also famed for getting in the odd guest judge, representatives from SEGA and Bentley Jones have judging entries of the Sonic kareoke competition with a difference.

2008's gimmick might've been to encourage duets but in 2009 we're encouraging people to act under the "Darkspeeds Rule" basically we're suggesting perhaps you might want to try your hand at lyric creation! Pick a piece of Sonic music and write your own lyrics for it... or don't! Its up to you - but we will be awarding bonuses for those that show creativity, remember the rules are as follows.

Here are the 2009 rules...

And 4th Judge for the All-Stars - BENTLEY JONES


  • To qualify as an "All Star" you must either be: a senior member of a SEGA/Sonic Website or community. A previous Wrecks Factor All Stars participant. A previous Wrecks Factor regular contest winner, Or be specifically invited to enter the All Stars competition. Final placement is at the discression of the organiser.


  • All commers can be anyone from the Sonic/SEGA fanbase (within reason) and any SEGA song is submittable,other games companies songs are submissable but SEGA ones and more specifically Sonic ones are preferred. A variety of instrumental tracks are available for download below.


  • Judges to award marks out of 10 for both Technical skill - the quality of the singing/performance (note this is NOT the quality of the mp3) and Artistic Impression how the performance was arranged, how entertaining/enjoyable it was.
  • An additional multiplier of 10% will be added to the final total should the song be performed in a language which is not the primary language of the participant. i.e English sings Japanese. 13% is available however if the song is translated and performed in a language different to any way it has been previously.
  • An additional multiplier of 10% will be added to the final total should the song submitted be performed by two people as a duet.
  • An additional multiplier of 10% will be added to the final total should the song submitted contain original lyrics.
  • An additional multiplier of 10% is available for "additional production techniques".

ENTRIES TO radioredux[at]sonicwrecks[dot]com


Current Confirmed Entries:

SMX - Knight Of The Wind
Bee I Lion - With Me (Team Chaotix Goes To The Movies)
Spinballwizard - It Doesn't Matter (Acapella - SA1 Version)
Sonicmark - Ungravitify
Tall-Guy91 - Super Sonic Beat (High Flying Groove)
Ein Eagle Vanato - Sonic Heroes
Dan Dyer - Live & Learn
TheSkysTheLimit & Donatellus The Fox - Escape From The City
ShadowFox04 - Diamond In The Sky
Akos B.McCloud - Seven Rings In Hand (Crush 40 Version - Spanish)
Hedgie Lighting - Green Hill Zone
Hagridandfang - It Doesn't Matter (SA2)
Diogo - Believe In My Friends

Animegirl - Spagonia Romance
Crystal Dream - Separation
DiGi Valentine - Mystic Cave Pirates. feat Wizeman Di Wikid (Teezy Mix)
Iris - Live Life (Sin Mirar Atrás)
Katiefoxe - Dreams Dreams (Sweet Snow Christmas)
Pigeons Of Death - Robotnik's Tea Party (Acoustic Mix)
Ram The Dragon - L'E.G.G.M.A.N
Vger - He's Got A Wrench

Crystal Dream - Separation (Original Version)
TheSkysTheLimit - Stranger in Mobius

Billy Hatcher - Chant This Charm (Instrumental)
NiGHTS Journey Of Dreams - Dreams Dreams (Instrumental)
NiGHTS Journey Of Dreams - Dreams Dreams: Sweet Snow Version (Instrumental)
Right Said Fred - Wonderman (12" Backing Track Unedited)
Sonic Adventure 2 - Escape From The City (Instrumental)
Sonic Adventure 2 - Sonic's Theme - It Doesn't Matter (Instrumental)
Sonic Adventure 2 - Knuckles' Theme - Unknown From M.E. (Instrumental)
Sonic Adventure 2 - Tails' Theme - Believe In Myself (Instrumental)
Sonic Adventure 2 - Main Theme - Live & Learn (Instrumental)
Sonic Adventure 2 - Dr. Eggman's Theme - E.G.G.M.A.N (Instrumental)
Sonic Adventure 2 - Shadow's Theme - Throw It All Away (Instrumental)
Sonic Adventure 2 - Rouge's Theme - Fly In The Freedom (Instrumental)
Sonic & The Black Knight - Blacksmith (Believe In Myself String Mix)
Sonic & The Black Knight - Fanart (It Doesn't Matter Acoustic Mix)
Sonic & The Black Knight - Fight The Knight (Strings Mix)
Sonic & The Black Knight - Knight Of The Wind (Acoustic Version)
Sonic & The Black Knight - Knight Of The Wind (Instrumental)
Sonic & The Black Knight - Live Life (Instrumental)
Sonic & The Black Knight - With Me (Instrumental)
Sonic & The Secret Rings - Let The Speed Mend It (Instrumental From M&S Beijing)
Sonic R - Can You Feel The Sunshine (Instrumental)
Sonic R - Livin' In The City (Instrumental)
Sonic R - Back In Time (Instrumental)
Sonic R - Work It Out (Instrumental)
Sonic R - Diamond In The Sky (Instrumental)
Sonic R - Super Sonic Racing (Instrumental)
SONIC The Hedgehog - Elise's Theme - My Destiny (Instrumental)
SONIC The Hedgehog - Dreams Of An Absolution (WIP Instrumental)
SONIC The Hedgehog - His World (WIP Instrumental)
SONIC The Hedgehog - His World (Lounge Music Style)
Sonic X - Cheryl Watanabe - Sonic Drive (Instrumental)
Sonic X - RUN&GUN - Ending #1 - Mi-Ra-I (Future) - Instrumental
Sonic X - Aya Hiroshige - Ending #2 - Hikaru Michi (The Shining Road) - Instrumental
Sonic X - KP & URU - Ending #3 - T.O.P (Instrumental)

ArchangelUK - "Escape From The City"

~2007 - All Comers (TIE)~
Iris - "Fly In The Freedom"
Animegirl - "Hikaru Michi (The Shining Road)"

~2007 - All-Stars~
TRiPPY feat. DiGi Valentine
"Dreams Dreams (Smile Again Remix)"

~2008 - All Comers~
Umiyuri - "Sonic Drive (English Version)"

~2008 - All-Stars~
Elize Bellatrix - "Jazzing For You"

~ Summer of Sonic 2009 Challenge~
Katiefoxe - "Dreams of an Absolution"

Dreadknux - "Dreads Dreads"

~ 2007 - All-Stars (TIE) ~
Dreadknux - "Jingle All The Way"
Roareye Black - "Shatner In The Sky"

~ 2008 - All-Stars ~
Crystal Dream & Chaos Gamma- "Es Macht Nicht"